Basic Bike Tune-Up Themes

Dirt Bike Gears and Finding Neutral
March 3, 2018
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Vintage style cafe-racer motorcycle in customs garage

Recently in this space, we went over a few of the more basic motorcycle tune up processes that you as an owner can often complete yourself. Our Southpaw Motorsports experts are always here to help, but there are areas of biking – such as a motorcycle oil change – that don’t really require you to bring the bike into the shop.

In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few more general tips. These are simple basics to remember when you’re doing any sort of work on your machine.

Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty

This is the very first thing most kids learn when it comes to basic handy work, and it’s a good baseline for anyone when working with cars or bikes as well. If a nut or bolt won’t seem to budge when you’re sure it should, take a deep breath and check whether you remembered to turn in the right direction before you look for other solutions.

Stubborn Nuts or Bolts

There might be other reasons why a nut or bolt won’t come off or re-attach. In some cases, people simply don’t know how much force to exert – this is a sense you build up over time. Another skill that’s learned is when a bolt is about to strip. While you’re still gaining this sense, just be sure to maintain pressure where the tool meets the fastener, preventing it from slipping on the screw, nut or bolt head.

If it still won’t move, consider some Liquid Wrench product, or apply heat. If this still doesn’t work, try a pair of vice-grips if you have them.

Proper Tools

Not all screwdrivers are the same, and this extends to a few potentially important tools. Get a comprehensive set of metric or SAE sockets and wrenches (depending on the country in which your bike was made), and learn how to use some of the most important ones.

Parts Source

If you’ve learned how to do a few important parts replacements on your bike, the next step is to make sure you have a reliable source for your parts. Look for reputable local dealers if possible, or shop online if you have a reliable source and know the kinds of products you need.

For more on basic themes when performing bike maintenance, or to view our selection of dirt bikes and ATVs, speak to the pros at Southpaw Motorsports.