Important Factors in Used ATV Purchasing

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September 15, 2017
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Woman riding an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

At Southpaw Motorsports, we’re proud to provide side-by-side used ATV options for sale along with our numerous service offerings. We only offer the leading brands, with proven off-road qualities and high-level service records.

What are some of the questions you should be asking when you’re looking into a used ATV, both of the seller and of yourself? Here are some important areas to consider.


For starters, you can often glean clues as to the legitimacy of an ATV or dirt bike sale by taking a close look at the advertisement you see for it. Regardless of who is putting up the advertisement and what medium is used, the ad should include specific recent photos and specifications on the model, year, brand, engine size and type. You should also be able to obtain the VIN number, which you can use to check the history of that particular vehicle.

If these options are not available, this could be a red flag. Why wouldn’t a reputable seller put pictures on an advertisement, for instance? Be on high alert if this is the case.

Test Ride

A visual inspection can tell you a lot about an ATV, but it won’t necessarily tell you everything. For this reason, most reputable sellers should let you have a standard test ride to ensure your comfort and basic functionality.

Asking Questions

You should be asking several specific questions of your seller – we welcome these kinds of questions at Southpaw. Ask about basic maintenance and what service items have been performed in the past, and ask if you can have the vehicle examined by your own independent mechanic. If the answers you receive sound evasive or deceptive, consider whether this is a reputable seller.

Finalizing Purchase

Just like with a used car, you can’t expect to just hand over some cash and walk out the door. In fact, keeping a paper trail is a valuable asset in most cases. Make sure you have a Bill of Sale or another type of official receipt, and make sure the VIN number and “Paid in Full” are both clearly marked. Find out if your state requires ATV registration (also called Off-Highway Vehicle registration in some states), and get this done if needed.

For more particulars on buying used ATVS or dirt bikes, or to learn about any of our services, speak to the pros at Southpaw Motorsports today.