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February 15, 2017
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How Often Should the Oil Be Changed in my Motorbike?

Motorcycle maintenance services are vital for making sure that your bike lasts you as long as possible. Changing your oil is one of the most important parts of this maintenance.

The question of how often you should change your oil is a bit more involved than most people think. Here are some details about how oil affects your bike’s engine and how often you should change it.

What Does Oil Do

Motorcycle engines have many moving parts that frequently have metal in contact with other metal. Through time the contact and movement can cause the metal to break down, which will reduce performance and cause small pieces of metal to pollute the engine.

The oil provides a lubricant that will prevent a lot of this damage; additionally it catches small pieces of metal and it simpler to remove.

Why Does Oil Need to be Changed

Oil is tough and pretty resistant to damage, but over time it does break down as the hydrocarbons that it is made of crumble into other chemicals.

Heat is one of the largest reasons for oil breakdown, and long riding sessions can cause oil to vaporize and decompose.

Decomposed oil doesn’t perform as well as clean oil and impurities can cause deposits in the engine and harm to engine parts.

Change Frequency

Most vehicles, including motorcycles can generally keep oil in the engine for 3,000 miles. This number is usually on the low end, and most current oils last longer. Also, modern engines are better able to handle oil for longer stretches of time.

If you are worried about leaving oil in for too long don’t feel any pressure to change oil more often unless you are riding a exceptionally old bike.

Synthetic Motor Oils

The kind of oil being used is another thing to consider. Synthetic oils have many advantages, they do cost more to use but they have a better ability to deal with engine heat and the other factors that lead to oil decomposition.

Besides they typically can handle contaminants better than regular oil and many manufacturers will recommend leaving synthetic oil in for 5,000 miles of longer.

If you have any other questions you can always ask your local motorsports shop.