Top Quality Pre-Owned ATVs in Salt Lake City

Black All-Terrain VehicleSouthpaw Motorsports carries a wide range of pre-owned ATVs at our dealership in West Jordan, Utah. Our store will give you more reasons to choose pre-owned ATVs in Salt Lake City, UT over brand new ones.

Led by a team of certified mechanics with more than two decades of experience in the field, we sell reliable and long-lasting ATV models at highly competitive rates. We offer a good selection of secondhand models that are perfect for any on-the-road-trip or other uses. Our inventory carries models from trusted brands, giving you peace of mind with your choice. No matter what you select, you’ll be driving a top-quality ATV from us.

A Long History of Supplying World-Class ATVs

ATVs have come a long way since their introduction as a recreational machine. From the six-wheeler behemoths that could power through land and waterwhich first came out in the 1960s, the ATV industry’s innovations allowed it to tap into a larger demographic with suspension systems and various engine models. This led to the birth of today’s popular amphibious four-wheeled ATV.

At Southpaw Motorsports, we’ve stayed at the forefront of ATV development. Our product catalog features various pre-owned ATVs in Salt Lake City that have become popular across generations. We stock only top-quality, used ATV machines from an impressive line, so you get the most out of your investment.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Pre-Owned ATV

If you’re seeking a long-term, off-road companion, then you’ve come to the right place. Our tough machines will get you through rough and rugged terrains without a hitch.

  • High-Quality Components – Off-road driving demands components that can take a beating. From electronics to transmission, count on us for quality parts.
  • Innovative Features – Thanks to modern ATV technology, you can enjoy both a productive and enjoyable ride around the ranch. Our vehicles feature automotive-style transmission, independent rear suspensions, and engine mounting for the benefit of hard-working riders.
  • Smooth, Seamless Power – An ATV is a practical companion when the going gets tough. With their power-steering capabilities, as well as torque and speed sensors, you won’t have to worry about early rider fatigue and steering effort. We redefine ATV power so you can move independently and maintain traction and control on every terrain.
  • Strong Dynamic Ability – Our pre-owned ATVs in SLC, UT have tight turning radius and compact size that gives them sharp handling. The combination makes maneuvering around the tightest of spaces possible.
  • Drive On Any Terrain – As the name says, you can use this vehicle on just about any terrain. Its set of heavy-duty running parts enable it to drive through trails considered impassable for conventional vehicles.

Man On An ATVAffordable ATVs for all Your Outdoor Needs

One compelling reason to say yes to secondhand ATVs in Salt Lake City and other areas is the low price. Even models that are only two years old with minimum wear are available at a lower cost. It ensures that you can afford high-end ATV models that are more expensive when purchased brand new.

At Southpaw Motorsports, we offer pre-owned ATVs in Utah sourced directly from ATV owners to avoid prohibitive markups. The lower prices of our models allow you to use your savings to buy better gear, upgrades for the ATV, or even additional budget for your road trips. We also take pride in our high-quality work and competitive pricing. You can count on our team for help choosing the right ATV model for your needs.

Fast and Efficient Repair Services

If your ATV breaks down, don’t worry. Our team of Salt Lake City technicians is ready to attend to any repairs. Just bring your vehicle to us. We’ll inspect it and get it back in tip-top shape. Our certified technicians will use only the best parts to put your vehicle back together.

Since we care about cultivating life-long relationships, we guarantee quick and convenient turnaround times. We stock various parts at our shop to reduce the need to order outside, in fact. Also, we never skimp on parts. We only use quality components to make sure your model will be up and running in no time.

Our team will also handle your service and maintenance concerns to get you back on the road with minimal downtime. Count on Southpaw Motorsports’ fast and efficient services to keep your ATV running.

A Broad Selection of ATV Parts and Accessories

Keep your pre-owned ATV looking sharp and performing at its best with our comprehensive selection of parts and accessories. We stock genuine parts at our service center to guarantee maximum performance and protection on the road. Whether you’re seeking an exhaust replacement or want to upgrade your vehicle’s exterior, you can count on us for competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.

Find the perfect ATV for your next adventure. Let Southpaw Motorsports help you with your search. Browse through our inventory to find secondhand ATVs from popular brands in Salt Lake City, UT.