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At Southpaw Motorsports, we understand the importance of keeping your used motorcycles in South Jordan in great condition. This is why we offer our two-wheeler tune-up services. With our help, you can ensure your ride’s optimal performance and stay road-worthy longer.

Maintenance is a Must

Before we talk about motorcycle repairs in SLC and other areasthere are three levels of motorcycle maintenance every motorcyclist should know:

Level 1: Minimum level of maintenance. This level is necessary so you can enjoy a safe motorcycle ride. It involves checking the following components:

  • Oil levels
  • Front and rear wheel bearings
  • Service intervals for suspension and motor
  • Tire pressure

Level 2: Maintaining the motorcycle’s value. This requires more time of maintenance but ensures the motorcycle’s purchase value in the long run. Includes:

  • Replacement of tubes
  • Replacement of cracked rims and inspection of brake discs
  • Change of tire and brake fluid, if necessary
  • Stripping the calipers and greasing the pins
  • Stripping and cleaning of headstock bearings
  • Straightening out of radiators and replacement of old coolants

Level 3: For enthusiasts and perfectionists. Maintenance for bikers with more time to kill.

  • Extra polishing
  • Fitting of titanium screws
  • Addition of LED lights and rearview cameras

By staying on top of your routine tune-ups, you can establish the baseline health of your motorcycle and ensure it runs smoothly and reliably. Getting a tune-up at our place benefits specific parts of your bike.

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Oil Change. Automobile engines contain several moving parts. As they rub against each other, the friction releases heat inside the engine. Our motorcycle oil changes ensure that enough oil is present in the engine to lubricate the engine’s surfaces and absorb the heat. This will allow your vehicle to function effectively without overheating.

Furthermore, over time, debris from various interior engine parts could enter your vehicle’s oil and ruin its consistency. An oil change eliminates the problem by lubricating your engine with clean, quality motor oil. With internal parts operating smoother and easier, your engine can maximize its mechanical output, increasing gas mileage and overall performance.

Tire Change. Tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. As a motorcycle owner, it is crucial that you monitor their condition and replace them once they show signs of wear.

Worn-out tires with uneven tread patterns can put an unnecessary strain on your vehicle, making it difficult to translate its power to the ground. With a tire change, you can maintain the performance of your motorcycle and increase its gas mileage.

Take care to choose a performance-oriented tire with the right tread design as well. This way, you can maintain traction for a safer riding experience.

Brake Pad and Fluid Replacement. Worn brakes cause unnecessary friction to your vehicle, compromising its ability to function efficiently. Pad wear happens even to the best models, and if you ignore it, you’re not just worsening the state of your bike, but you are also gambling on your safety. Routine check-ups and maintenance of brake pads protect your ride and save you cash in the long run.

Fluid replacement is also a must since brake fluids absorb moisture over time. Fluid replacement ensures that your motorcycle’s components retain their properties and prevents mechanical parts from wearing out.

By regularly replacing the brake pad and fluid of your motorcycle braking system, you can hit the brakes smoothly and reliably. We perform a complete brake fluid change if necessary. We do our services according to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. Our team also re-tests after our services so that we can guarantee your motorcycle’s excellent performance.

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Suspension Replacement. Motorcycle suspension performance diminishes gradually, so riders don’t often notice as it happens. The suspension on your motorcycle is an important component, however, because it provides feedback from your wheel for better handling and control.

By getting your suspension setup checked regularly and replaced as needed, you can safely operate your motorcycle regardless of road texture or speed. This will make it easier to navigate the streets on your two-wheeler.

Dyno Tuning. Dyno tuning guarantees that your motorcycle runs at peak performance. Dyno tuners measure engine output through horsepower, torque, and fuel mixture. Adjusting the engine output to ideal settings guarantees that you get optimum performance from your engine without sacrificing your motorcycle’s drivability or fuel economy.

With a regularly tuned engine, you can avoid costly repairs in the future since your vehicle components don’t have to work as hard as a poorly-tuned one.

Send your motorcycle to us for regular tune-up services and ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle even several years after purchase. Since we only use high-quality tools and equipment, you can expect great services at an affordable price. When it comes to motorcycle repairs in SLC, UTwe are the name you can trust.

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