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March 15, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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At Southpaw Motorsports, our goals go further than just selling you a preowned motorcycle. We provide the maintenance and service expertise you need, and we want to help keep you on the open road for as long as possible.

A big factor here? Gas mileage. Increasing fuel economy on a bike can save you money every time you fill up, and can also increase the lifespan of your bike. Let’s look at a few tips for maximizing your gas mileage on any motorcycle, new or used.

Driving Aggressively

From a miles per gallon standpoint, quick braking and acceleration are your enemies. These activities can be a whole lot of fun, no doubt, but they eat gas and lower your overall fuel economy. If you’re helping finance a bike for a son or daughter, making some rules about aggressive driving will benefit both safety and your pocketbook.

Wind and Aerodynamics

Wind resistance can have a real impact on motorcycle MPG, but you can take a few little steps to increase how aerodynamic you are. A full-face helmet helps, and so does removing any aftermarket accessories that might be causing your bike’s engine to work too hard. These may seem like small things, but over time, they can make a big difference in savings.

Fuel Additives

A basic fuel additive every time you fill up ensures the highest quality gas, and also helps clean dirty fuel injectors. Fuel additives stabilize some of the mileage-eating qualities of standard fuel, and directly improve your gas mileage. The small additional cost will be nowhere close to the long term savings you incur.

Highway vs City

When possible, especially during longer trips, stay on the highway as long as you can. City environments offer more stop-and-go situations, which eat gas more quickly. In addition, regular stopping and starting will lead to more frequent maintenance being required.


Speaking of maintenance, it’s another of the best ways to keep gas mileage high. Maintenance from a reputable outlet like Southpaw Motorsports will keep your tires properly inflated, for instance – this takes stress off the engine and consequently helps with gas mileage. We’ll keep your engine clean, which keeps it from having to fight through grease to power your bike. And of course, we’ll add fuel additives and other nutrients your machine needs.

Want to learn more about maximizing motorcycle gas mileage and lifespan, or interested in a quote on any of our preowned dirt bikes or ATVs? Speak to the experts at Southpaw Motorsports today.